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Step 2: Prizes
  1. The Contest will present $5,000 in cash prizes in multiple categories, awarded over a 3.5 month period. See the diagram above that outlines the categories and award amounts.
  2. Video shorts must be no longer than 5 minutes (before the required Stories Lived bumpers), though we challenge film makers to hone their editing skills by keeping videos to 2 to 3 minutes. A trailer to a longer film may be submitted, and a link to the full film can be included in the description area.
  3. The videos must be a true story and convey a beautiful outcome – one from which we can all learn. Stories are about people who have overcome challenges (ex: someone who kept on truckin’ after a challenging life event); people who live their passion so ferociously that it motivates others (ex: none needed – you know these people when you see them!); or people who have seen a need in the world and have done something positive to create change (ex: someone who started a community garden) . Tell the story through video: why and how they did what they did.  

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